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I already talked about the blog A House in the Hills on the Quinoa and sweet potato patties post. I just love everything Sarah makes, her recipes are always delicious and special, and the photos are beautiful.
DSC_0051This one is another of her recipes, I hope you like it as much as I did. I followed the original recipe to the letter, but Continue reading


This is like the classical cheesecake but savory, with the base made with manchego or parmesan cheese and coverage based on sardines in olive oil. I like to make this cake for those meals where everyone has to take one dish or when we have guests at home, but is also perfect for a picnic in the woods.


My bigger girl just loves picnics, so I promised  her we would make one soon.  Probably I’ll make this cheesecake for that picnic, or maybe I prepare another one which is pretty much the same but the coverage is made with gazpacho soup, delicious! As soon as I make it I’ll show you here.

DSC_0718I got it from a fantastic recipe book, Cocinar con Thermomix, from Gabriela Llamas, but I’m afraid you won’t find it in English. If you can read Spanish, you shoul really try to find one copy.

DSC_0432 Continue reading