Paper roll to organize wires. I really don´t like much begging the craft category with this silly project, but I was so delighted to have all my wires organized at last, that I had to share it with you. We have already had two moves dragging these two giant cardboard boxes full of all kinds of wires and we had not dared to unpack them yet. The boxes have been waiting for over a year, in a corner, but the other day, finally we got with it.Paper roll to organize wires. I have been keeping the cardboard rolls for a project I wanted to do with the girls, but the other day I used them all for the cables. You can use washi tape to make some sort of color code, the truth is that I just used it to make it cuter.

Paper roll to organize wires. I’m so happy with my cables organized that every once in a while, I open the closet where I keep them and stand there admiring my work! Do you also have a big box of tangled wires?

P. S. I used the eggs cartons for tiny wires. Lately I´ve been using them for almost everything, I´ll show you soon.

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