HOW I ORGANIZED MY PANTRY (I) Mason jars and chalk labels.

organizing-pantry-mason-jars-chalkIt’s already two years since we moved to this house and we really love it, but upon arrival, the first weeks were quite complicated. We had a newborn baby, a two year girl and a lot less storage space.

We had to work it out all around the house to fit everything, and the kitchen was the biggest challenge. One of the most simple solutions we came to was taking the pantry to open shelves. That way we managed to get everything else inside the cupboards.

DSC_0447Maybe you also lack some space, you want it all more handy, or you just, like me, love these open shelved kitchens. Anyhow, if you decide to do the  same , here I show you how I did. I’ll split it in two posts , here you have the first one, and the second is coming next monday.









You will need:

– Glass jars of various sizes. Most of them are the classic hermetic ones, but you will see that I also used recycled jars. Next week I will show you how I painted the covers.

– Black Tape. It looks like the duct tape, but it is black. You will find it at any hardware store, but be warned that it is the matte one, not the one used for the mending wires.

– 1 White permanent marker .

– In the photo you can see a few jars of Chalk Paint and a few brushes. I used it for the covers, more details in monday’s post.



Well, this is not rocket science… Write with the white pen on the tape, cut with scissors and paste into the pot. You can also write directly on the glass. That’s it!

Be careful not to wash the jars in the dishwasher. When you need to clean them, do it by hand, taking care not to wet the label. The dishwasher won’t ruin them completely, but it will fade a little the letters and tear the rims a bit.

Do you hace any easy and handy solution for organizing your kitchen? Do you like these kitchens with open shelving, os you just don’t care at all about this boring organizing thing?


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