marrojo19-updos-engWe all look much better summer. This is a proven fact. Sun kissed skin, beachy hair and light summer clothes. No matter how many lovely autumn looks I show you these days, we all know summer clothes are better.

So if you’re like me, and at this point of the season do not know what to do with your hair anymore, you can be inspired by these cute  girls and their lovely updos.

marrojo19-poppy-vanessa-jackman-00I have made myself almost all of the ones you can see, and if I was able, surely you are too. Anyway, if you need more than just some inspiration, stay tuned because next week I will bring you here you have some great hair tutorials.

Click on the pictures to go to source, and please, tell me if you try any of them!
marrojo19-vanessa-jackman-braided-6 marrojo19-rina-zin-3 marrojo19-golden-crown-2 marrojo19-vanessa-jackman-ruby-5 marrojo19-vanessa-jackman-ondria-7 marrojo19-vanessa-jackman-ondria-8 marrojo19-low-braided-crown-1 marrojo10-vanessa-jackman-braid-4

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