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I do not know you, but I’m starting to be a little tired of this winter. I’d love to set fire to my thick socks and flannel pajamas, and today I attempted to walk out the door on bare legs. I wasn’t really convinced I would be able to make it, and the truth is that I had to pull my leotards from the handbag after 10 minutes walk.

It really should’t complain since where we live we have a nice mediterranean weather, but every year around this time Iget these cravings for spring time, I can not help it.

So while we wait for spring to finally arrive, I have made this quite random selection of tips to get ready.


1. THINK 70s.

No major discovery here, it was evident on the runways and now on the coming new collections in stores. I’m so in love with Zara’s latest lookbook!

To start getting the groove of the coolest decade, the first thing we should find is a good pair of flared jeans.
I know it was hard getting used to skinny jeans, and now that we have managed to be comfortable with them, we’re back to flared! You can complain and refuse, but you and I know that in the end you will end up wearing what’s in, so the sooner we resign ourselves the better. Also, flared pants were always the coolest, and if you aren’t convinced yet, take a look at these two examples:


mar rojo 19 spring tips dreeviamar rojo 19 spring tips denim flare

You may have been doing this for a while already. If you haven’t, it’s time you start half tucking shirts, t-shirts and even sweaters. Look at the top two photos and check hoy all things tucked look better. If you need more evidences, here’s the tucking queen.

It isn’t rocket science, but you can check this tutorial if you want to learn the proper technique.


mar rojo 19 spring tips half_tuckvia

Were you crazy about bandanas twenty years ago? I had several of them and loved them, so I’m so happy they are back!

mar rojo 19 spring tips green bandanavia

Check Andreea Diaconu’s half tuck!

mar rojo 19 spring tips bandana leandra

You resisted last year believing it was going to be a one season trend, but they are still here, they have the 70s groove ant they are still really cute, so maybe this spring is the time to get one.

mar rojo 19 spring tips kimonovia

I’m pretty blown away with this trick that I have been doing a couple of months. It turns out that the fibers of the towels, tend to get our hair more frizzy. Start using an old t-shirt instead, you will notice a significant difference.

Here‘s the site where I found it:

Woman washing her hair

6. ALSO THINK 60s.
The 70 are back, but so are the 60s. We will shortly talk about a shaped skirts and nice little dresses, but for now, I leave you with a tutorial from the great Leandra Medine from Man Repeller. She shows us how to get a  nice 60s hair with the aid of just a bobby pin.

mar rojo 19 spring tips side-part-leandra-10via

I loved this tip and can’t wait to try and let you know the result. Click here to read in detail, but basically, what the girls at The Beauty Department’s tell us is how the facial water spray works great when were getting waves on our hair, to get a messy finish. They recommend the Evian spray because of the super fine mist it creates…we’ll see.


mar rojo 19 spring tips evian

Are you willing to try any of these? Have you got your bandanas back? And what about the flares, willing to give them a try, or sticking to you skinnies?

EXPRESS RECIPE: CELERIAC SOUP (2 ingredients, 20 minutes)

Mar Rojo 19-Celeriac soup -lettersThis cream has a delicate but very special flavor, so it’s good choice as a side dish to a meat or a roast. The creamy consistency is very much like mashed potatoes, you wouldn’t believe how low in calories it is! More good news, celeriac is also rich in calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C and fiber, so it’s all advantages!

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My friend Regina left this comment the other day, about how she was looking for a new coffee table for her living room. I thought it was a great idea for a post since I have been quite obsessed with some beautiful coffee tables I have seen all around the web these last months.

mar rojo 19 coffee tables mesas bajasollage1. From Maisons du Monde, here. 2. From Maisons du Monde, here. 3. From Kulunka Deco, here. 4. From Kulunka Deco, here. 5.  Avignon table from Maisons du Monde, here. 6. From Bloomingville, at Decora tu alma, here. 7. From Bloomingville, at Decora tu alma, here8. From Bloomingville, at Decora tu Alma, here 9. Stool from Mimub, here. 10. From Mimub, here. 11. From Mimub, here. 12. From Ikea, here. 13. From Decora tu alma, here. 14. Again Bloomingville, at Decora tu alma, here. 15. From Mimub, here. 16. From Doctor House, at Decora tu alma, here. 17. From Mimub, here. 18. From Kulunka Deco, here. 19. From Bloomingville, at Decora tu alma, here.

Lately I’ve been loving the idea of a couple of side tables, stools or poufs, instead of the classic medium to large sized coffee table in front of the sofa. It makes the living room seem so airy and nice!

I also love these small round tables!

mar rojo 19 cofee tables stools3Via: Interior magasinet

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