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cockle -mackerel-rice-letters-8I’m starting with this post a section on the blog for express recipes, fast and with few ingredients. They are dedicated to those of you who, like me who want to make some spherifications for dinner, and when they head the pantry to get the  liquid nitrogen they find only four solitary cans, plus they realize that they just have ten minutes left to prepare dinner.

There goes the first one, super tasty rice, kind of a risotto style, if you are not very familiar with spanish rices, and although it simple and fast, it’s is my Mom’s recipe, and that’s a guarantee of deliciousness.
The recipe I give you is the original one, but Continue reading

HOW I ORGANIZED MY PANTRY (II) Mason jars, spices and chalk paint.


This post continues with last week’s organization tips. You have to forgive me for the thousands photos, especially for such a silly issue, but when my little one started playing with the jars, I couldn’t stop taking pictures of those hands and then selecting the final ones for the post was so hard!

For the lids, I used the Authentico Chalk Paint that I bought it at All Washi Tape, an online crafts store, but also a really cute blog loaded with great DIY ideas, techniques and workshops. About the Chalk Paint, I suppose you already know this paint, but if you don’t, it basically resumes to all pros, no cons. Non toxic, the colors are beautiful, as well as the matte finish and you can paint virtually any surface without primers or sanding. Also of course, you can draw over it in chalk.

tarros-cristal-especias-6-CollageSince I received my box with the paint cans, I have gone totally crazy wanting to paint absolutely everything in my house! Continue reading