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HOW I ORGANIZED MY PANTRY (I) Mason jars and chalk labels.

organizing-pantry-mason-jars-chalkIt’s already two years since we moved to this house and we really love it, but upon arrival, the first weeks were quite complicated. We had a newborn baby, a two year girl and a lot less storage space.

We had to work it out all around the house to fit everything, and the kitchen was the biggest challenge. One of the most simple solutions we came to was taking the pantry to open shelves. That way we managed to get everything else inside the cupboards.

DSC_0447Maybe you also lack some space, you want it all more handy, or you just, like me, love these open shelved kitchens. Anyhow, if you decide to do the  same , Continue reading

9 HAIRSTYLE TUTORIALS: How to survive to this Autumn’s Bad Hair Days

¿Do you remember the cute braided updos from last week?
Well here you have the promised hairstyles tutorials, for you to give a twist to your autumn locks.

Which one will you try? I already tried most of them!

1. EXTRA LONG PONY TAIL: via Free People Blog. It makes a huge difference! Try it, you’ll only take 3 seconds, and then, please tell me!
2. CUTE UPDO FOR SHOR HAIRED GIRLS. via The Beauty Department. And stay tuned, soon a post with more short hair inspiration.

marrojo19-short-hair-braid-bun-8 Continue reading



marrojo19-mango-lassiHow could I not like mangos at all in the past, and now they are one of my favorite fruits? Do these things also happen to you?

These ones were especially good. They are from a friend’s orchard, and he explained to me that the amazing flavor they had, was not so much related to the fact that they are organic, but to the way he picks them up, little by little, when they are truly ripe and at their best.
On the other hand, those rocks that we buy at the supermarkets, are collected all at once, and then they are let to ripen in the fridges.

That, not only makes a BIG difference in taste, but also in the vitamins and nutrients.


Anyway, we know that buying eco is the best thing, but Continue reading



marrojo19-updos-engWe all look much better summer. This is a proven fact. Sun kissed skin, beachy hair and light summer clothes. No matter how many lovely autumn looks I show you these days, we all know summer clothes are better.

So if you’re like me, and at this point of the season do not know what to do with your hair anymore, you can be inspired by these cute  girls and their lovely updos.

marrojo19-poppy-vanessa-jackman-00I have made myself almost all of the ones you can see, and if I was able, surely you are too. Anyway, if you need more than just some inspiration, stay tuned because next week I will bring you here you have some great hair tutorials.

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marrojo10-carrot-cake-engI am the worst baker in the world. Seriously. After a good collection of brick-cakes ​​I have had to assume reality, there is only one cake that I know ho to prepare, and it is this one.
And it’s not too bad, because it is really delicious, of course it’s easy, and I also think it looks really pretty!
When people see it and try it, the tend to see me like the typical person who bakes delicious cupcakes and muffins, but this could’n be further from reality. I promise.

tarta de zanahoria - 005So if you are really too bad in baking, this is your cake, and if you are really good at making cupcakes and delicious cakes, maybe you should also give this one a try, because… it is so good!

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