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I can’t remember who told me the story of some friends who had gone backpacking in Brazil, and to lengthen the trip, decided to sell chilled gazpacho on the beach. It seemed the perfect idea to them, and also to me! Who wouldn’t love a good chilled gazpacho at the beach? Well, it was a total failure, and I can’t understand why. This is why I’ll never become a successful business woman, I have the worst business vision.

DSC_0092This recipe is from my friend Natalia. Mine is never as delicious as hers, but still, Continue reading



En Trancoso, cerca de Salvador de Bahia. Solo escuchar eso ya me enamora, pero es que luego, cuando veo cómo son las diez casitas que componen el hotel UXUA CASA, me pongo como una loca a mirar billetes y a echar Euromillones.

Ya os he contado otras veces que Brasil me vuelve loca, y viendo estas fotos me tenéis que dar la razón


Me encanta la idea de que las casitas están desperdigadas por el pueblo, Continue reading


marrojo19_casamosquitosPalm roofs, sandy ground, white wood and blue windows, you must understand why have I fallen in love with this rustic/luxury hut.

What is it about Portugal? I keep on coming across these beautiful homes hidden among the dunes in Alentejo.¿Do you remember  the hotel Casas Na Areia? And the stunning house I showed you in the White Summer Cottage post? The architect responsible for this last home is the same as today’s Casa Mosquitos, Vera Iachia. We will soon see some more of the beautiful things she designs.

4_marrojo19_Hotel dos Mosquitos Continue reading