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I already talked about the blog A House in the Hills on the Quinoa and sweet potato patties post. I just love everything Sarah makes, her recipes are always delicious and special, and the photos are beautiful.
DSC_0051This one is another of her recipes, I hope you like it as much as I did. I followed the original recipe to the letter, but Continue reading


peas, broad beans and mozzarella toast. www.marrojo19.com

When you read the title of this recipe, you can not imagine it’s going to be so rich, and I think it may be because we are not so used to eating fresh peas and broad beans anymore. It is a shame, because they are so refreshing and sweet, so please do me a favor and when you see peas and broad beans pods in your grocery store fill a good bag and take it home. There are many ways to cook them, I ‘ll tell you  some more soon, but this toast might be the most fresh and fast. Keep in mind that if it’s not with fresh beans and peas it really isn’t worth doing it.

Sweet peas, broad beans and mozzarella toast. www.marrojo19.comThis toast is one more of the delicious dishes you can find Continue reading