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I don’t like to brag, but I really nail this curry. I tend to be very critic with my dishes but these prawns are an exception. You can’t go wrong with them, and can be made in advance, in fact it is almost the best to let the flavors settle together. It’s also a healthy dish and my kids love them… you know, all the things I’m always looking for in my recipes.

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Note: I prepared this dish when some weeks ago, when the weather was still cold, but soon it turned warmer and I have been waiting since then to post it. It looks that Spring wants to stay, so I post it as I wrote it then. You should make this stew even if it’s not very cold, it’s really delicious.

This chickpea soup has got to be the best dish for a chilly winter evening. But the truth is that in my house we have always eaten this kind of the dishes all year round, regardless of temperature and seasons. In fact, my siblings and I were so pleased when we were on the beach and our mother pulled out a giant thermos bottle filled with our stew for lunch, usually black beans, lentils or chickpeas. We sat in a row, and she went round giving us scoops one by one. Years later, I became aware that most people banished stews and soups of their summer diet, don’t know quite why I did the same, but the truth is I love eating a warm stew, even in August.



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