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EXPRESS RECIPE: CELERIAC SOUP (2 ingredients, 20 minutes)

Mar Rojo 19-Celeriac soup -lettersThis cream has a delicate but very special flavor, so it’s good choice as a side dish to a meat or a roast. The creamy consistency is very much like mashed potatoes, you wouldn’t believe how low in calories it is! More good news, celeriac is also rich in calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C and fiber, so it’s all advantages!

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marrojo19_fennelsaladThis salad is so simple that you won’t imagine how delicious it is until you’ve tried it. Also it’s very light and super refreshing.

I’m not very happy with today’s photos, especially the ones of the finished salad, but I was in a rush … and hungry!. Anyway, I’m starting a one month online photography course, let’s see if we can see some results.

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This is like the classical cheesecake but savory, with the base made with manchego or parmesan cheese and coverage based on sardines in olive oil. I like to make this cake for those meals where everyone has to take one dish or when we have guests at home, but is also perfect for a picnic in the woods.


My bigger girl just loves picnics, so I promised  her we would make one soon.  Probably I’ll make this cheesecake for that picnic, or maybe I prepare another one which is pretty much the same but the coverage is made with gazpacho soup, delicious! As soon as I make it I’ll show you here.

DSC_0718I got it from a fantastic recipe book, Cocinar con Thermomix, from Gabriela Llamas, but I’m afraid you won’t find it in English. If you can read Spanish, you shoul really try to find one copy.

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Mussels, cheapest protein! That sentence, so typical of grandmothers, is totally true. And is also true that mussels escape the curse, because apart from cheap, they are also delicious, healthy and not fattening!
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peas, broad beans and mozzarella toast. www.marrojo19.com

When you read the title of this recipe, you can not imagine it’s going to be so rich, and I think it may be because we are not so used to eating fresh peas and broad beans anymore. It is a shame, because they are so refreshing and sweet, so please do me a favor and when you see peas and broad beans pods in your grocery store fill a good bag and take it home. There are many ways to cook them, I ‘ll tell you  some more soon, but this toast might be the most fresh and fast. Keep in mind that if it’s not with fresh beans and peas it really isn’t worth doing it.

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