marrojo19_saladniçoiseI have an obsession with this salad. It always goes good, but there a few tricks that you can do to make it delicious. Basically the secret is to use quality ingredients, but I tell you in detail:

DSC_01221. I like to use baby potatoes, but if you can’t find them, any good small potato will do.

DSC_01692. Don’t overcook your eggs, eight minutes will be more than enough.

DSC_01753. Look for fresh baby climbing beans. They’re delicious and have nothing to do frozen or canned ones. If you find Kenia Beans, then you’ll just fall in love with the recipe.

DSC_01574. You can you use good fresh grilled tuna, or if you want to go simple, use canned bonito, but the good quality one, and of course in olive oil. I use the brand SERRATS, which I love.

DSC_02325. I’ve got a dilemma with which is the best moment to serve this salad. I like it when the potatoes are still warm, but the truth is that overnight the result is lovely because the flavors merge and enhance … Tell me how you prefer!





Raciones: 4-6
  • 600gr baby potatoes. I wash them well and prefer not peel them.
  • 250gr fresh baby green beans, wash them and cut and discard the tips. If they are really tender, you don't need to cut the tips.
  • 8 cherry tomatoes
  • ½ spring onion, cut in thin rings.
  • ½ green italian pepper, cut in thin slices.
  • 4 eggs, better free range.
  • Bonito in olive oil or fresh tuna steak.
  • Anchovies, about 8.
  • 1 avocado
  • Olives.
  • Optional: soma capers.
  • Fresh basil, a good bunch. We keep a few whole leaves for serving.
  • Extra virgin olive oil, 6 Tbp
  • The juice and zest of a lemon. 2 Tbp of the juice.
  • Dijon mustard, a couple of teaspoons.
  • Sea salt
  1. We put a pot with water to boil, put the lid to do it before. When boiling, add a handful of salt and we put the potatoes. The cook until we pinch with a knife and see they are tender, drain.
  2. Meanwhile, we do the same with another casserole, and cook the beans. The time will much will depend on how they are, testing them frequently because it's a shame too overcook them. It may be just 5 minutes to get them still green but tender, but you might need more cooking.
  3. Drain and cook the eggs. I repeat myself, do not wait 10 minutes, with 8 you get much richer yolk.
  4. To prepare the dressing, in a bowl you add all the ingredients and you mix well with a whisk until you have an emulsion.
  5. Assemble the salad by arranging the potatoes cut in halves or four, beans, eggs cut in four, tuna, cherry tomatoes, olives, diced avocado, pepper, spring onions, anchovies and capers. Finally we add the basil leaves and remaining vinaigrette. If you feel the dressing is not enough, make some more, but always keeping the proportion 3/1 of olive/acid.
  6. If you choose fresh tuna, which is a great idea, do it at the last moment, just seared in a very hot pan with a drop of oil, keeping the inside red and serve hot over the salad.

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