I want Erin Wassons whole wardrobe. Seriously, I’m still waiting to see if some day she wears something that I don’t absolutely love, but she hasn’t still.

She’s got so many cool looks that I’ll show you in a couple of posts. Here you have the first one.
marrojo19_erin_wasson_goldenVia: Oneteaspoon, a store that I love.

marrojo19_erin_wasson_topVia: Spell Designs, they make beautiful jewlery.

marrojo19_erin_wasson_hatVia: Spell Designs.

hanneli_erin-wassonVia: Haneli. I love the dog! his name was Cream.marrojo19_erin_wasson_freepeopleponchoVia: Free People’s   April Catalog, I wanted to buy it all!

marrojo19_erin_wasson_fpbandeauAlso via Free People:

marrojo19_erin_wasson_bootsVia her own web, where you can take a look at the awesome jewlery she designes.

marrojo19_erin_wasson_denimVia Madewell, also wanted to buy it all!

marrojo19_erin_wasson_redVia: Madewell

marrojo19_erin_wasson_overall2Via: Madewell

marrojo19_erin_wasson_bikiniVia: Madewell

erin-wasson-in-malta-for-madewell-catalog-13Via: Madewell

marrojo19_erin_wasson_whitesneakersVia: Frame Denim

erin-wasson-alexander-wangVia : Haneli

marrojo19_erin_wasson_whiteshirtVia: Studded Hearts

marrojo19_erin_wasson_blackshirt Via: Studded Hearts

marrojo10_erin_wasson_blacktopPhotos by: Mark Squires


She happens to also have a really cool house, you can take a look at it at The Selby.


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