There is no turning back, I wore sandals the other day and bought myself a bikini. Spring is here and I was tempted to make a gazpacho to celebrate, but the truth is that tomatoes are not yet at their best moment, and I’ve become very serious about seasonal products, so I changed my mind and prepared this Ajoblanco soup.


Ajoblanco is a typical spanish cold soup, perfect for chilling in hot days.
The coconut is a twist I added to the traditional recipe, so if you don’t like coconut much, just skip that part and make the rest of the recipe the same, I’m sure you are going to love it.

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Tipo receta: Appetiser, starter.
Raciones: 4-6
  • 200 gr of raw blanched almonds
  • 2 cloves of garlic (if you are not very fond of garlic, you can start by using only one clove and go adjusting the recipe to your taste )
  • 100g white breadcrumbs. (ideally from the previous day) Soak them in water just before using them.
  • 70 g of extra virgin olive oil
  • 30 gr of vinegar (I like using Sherry Red Wine Vinegar, from Jerez, so good!)
  • 1 liter of water
  • sea salt
  • Shredded coconut (4 tablespoons)
  1. Toppings: there are many things you can use as a topping for this soup: white grapes, dried figs, little melon balls, finely cut apple strips, or mojama cut un tiny slices (mojama is a typical spanish appetizer, which consists of red tuna, salted and dried, if you have the opportunity, give it a try, it is delicious)
  2. (IMPORTANT: make the recipe by adding ingredients just the way explained, otherwise it might not bind and the result can be quite odd)
  4. Put in the thermomix vase the almonds, garlic and salt, 30 seconds, speed 5. Add the crumbs, 15 seconds, speed 5. (It should look like a paste, if not, repeat)
  5. Program speed 5, start mixing without setting time, and pour the oil slowly. We finished, stop the thermomix, add the vinegar and water and grind 1 minute, progressive speed 5-10.
  6. Add coconut and beat again, tasting until the flavor is the desired. Add salt, vinegar or oil if necessary.
  8. Put in the mixer vase the almonds, garlic and salt, beat well and add the crumbs. Beat until a dough, if necessary we can add a bit of cold water from the fridge.
  9. While beating, pour oil slowly and when we have a homogeneous dough we stop, add the vinegar and water and beat well until obtaining a fine soup.
  10. Add coconut and beat again, tasting until the flavor is the desire. Add salt , vinegar or oil if necessary.
  11. MORTAR :
  12. It is the traditional way to do it, I've never had the patience necessary, but surely it is the best way to prepare it, if you like it traditional. You should follow the same steps as with the hand mixer, but using the mortar and trusting you arm's strength.
-77% fat, 13% carbos and 9% protein.
- The nutrition information is for a good bowl of 250ml. As you can see, it is a dish that has a lot of fat in proportion, but it's all healthy fats, so balancing abit the rest of the meal, there is no problem in that. (Don't know if you have heard, but lately nutritional studies suggest that fat, plus being totally healthy and necessary, are not anything bad for diets, although intended to lose weight... it happens to be sugar the real enemy)
Información nutricional
Tam. Ración: 250ml Calorias: 528 Grasas: 48g saturadas: 10g trans: 0 Carbohidratos: 18g Azucar: 2g Sodio: 60mg Fibra: 7g Proteinas: 13g Colesterol: 2mg


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