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marrojo19-mango-lassiHow could I not like mangos at all in the past, and now they are one of my favorite fruits? Do these things also happen to you?

These ones were especially good. They are from a friend’s orchard, and he explained to me that the amazing flavor they had, was not so much related to the fact that they are organic, but to the way he picks them up, little by little, when they are truly ripe and at their best.
On the other hand, those rocks that we buy at the supermarkets, are collected all at once, and then they are let to ripen in the fridges.

That, not only makes a BIG difference in taste, but also in the vitamins and nutrients.


Anyway, we know that buying eco is the best thing, but Continue reading


marrojo10-carrot-cake-engI am the worst baker in the world. Seriously. After a good collection of brick-cakes ​​I have had to assume reality, there is only one cake that I know ho to prepare, and it is this one.
And it’s not too bad, because it is really delicious, of course it’s easy, and I also think it looks really pretty!
When people see it and try it, the tend to see me like the typical person who bakes delicious cupcakes and muffins, but this could’n be further from reality. I promise.

tarta de zanahoria - 005So if you are really too bad in baking, this is your cake, and if you are really good at making cupcakes and delicious cakes, maybe you should also give this one a try, because… it is so good!

tarta de zanahoria - 027 Continue reading


marrojo19_fishbrothI don’t know if you feel the same as I did, quite scared by the word stock or broth. To me, it sounded like high cuisine, until I discovered that it was something really simple to make. Once you make one, you realize that there is no complications, and that it’s much more handy to have your homemade broth in the freezer.

Moreover, to make it, you can use leftovers that otherwise would have ended in the waste, and I love it whenever I can reuse and recycle and save a little bit!
I make this soup when I buy a whole hake or whiting. I love to prepare it “a la espalda”, a typical spanish way to Continue reading



I already talked about the blog A House in the Hills on the Quinoa and sweet potato patties post. I just love everything Sarah makes, her recipes are always delicious and special, and the photos are beautiful.
DSC_0051This one is another of her recipes, I hope you like it as much as I did. I followed the original recipe to the letter, but Continue reading



You can not imagine how delicious these patties are. I could eat 50 in a row. Or more.

Also I love the fact that quinoa and sweet potatoes, apart from delicious, are also really healthy, superfoods  they call them now, so these patties are one of those dishes that have all the important qualities for me: easy, delicious, healthy and my girls love them. And even more, Continue reading



marrojo19_fennelsaladThis salad is so simple that you won’t imagine how delicious it is until you’ve tried it. Also it’s very light and super refreshing.

I’m not very happy with today’s photos, especially the ones of the finished salad, but I was in a rush … and hungry!. Anyway, I’m starting a one month online photography course, let’s see if we can see some results.

DSC_0353The salad was a bit like Continue reading



I can’t remember who told me the story of some friends who had gone backpacking in Brazil, and to lengthen the trip, decided to sell chilled gazpacho on the beach. It seemed the perfect idea to them, and also to me! Who wouldn’t love a good chilled gazpacho at the beach? Well, it was a total failure, and I can’t understand why. This is why I’ll never become a successful business woman, I have the worst business vision.

DSC_0092This recipe is from my friend Natalia. Mine is never as delicious as hers, but still, Continue reading