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HOW I ORGANIZED MY PANTRY (II) Mason jars, spices and chalk paint.


This post continues with last week’s organization tips. You have to forgive me for the thousands photos, especially for such a silly issue, but when my little one started playing with the jars, I couldn’t stop taking pictures of those hands and then selecting the final ones for the post was so hard!

For the lids, I used the Authentico Chalk Paint that I bought it at All Washi Tape, an online crafts store, but also a really cute blog loaded with great DIY ideas, techniques and workshops. About the Chalk Paint, I suppose you already know this paint, but if you don’t, it basically resumes to all pros, no cons. Non toxic, the colors are beautiful, as well as the matte finish and you can paint virtually any surface without primers or sanding. Also of course, you can draw over it in chalk.

tarros-cristal-especias-6-CollageSince I received my box with the paint cans, I have gone totally crazy wanting to paint absolutely everything in my house! Continue reading


There goes the second part of kids play houses, here you have the first one. These are more affordable, you can make them yourselves in one or two evenings, so the hardest part is to choose which one you’ll make, they are all so cool!

Three samples of cardboard play house, tiny one the first, with cute bunnies painted on, from Ukonooa blog.


This second is colapsible, so it’s perfect for storage after playing. I have to find a masking tape in such cool colors, I will keep you informed if I do. This house is from the blog Ambrosia Girl.

marrojo19_little_houses_3And the third set of houses, so cute, Continue reading


Some people have an artist inside them, and it shows in everything they do. This is the case of my friend Elena, creator of Funghi Handmade , a blog and online Etsy shop that you are going to love.

Look at the beautiful bird cage she made for me.




DSC_0192You can not miss the Artists and other relatives section of her blog nor the decor posts, but what brings me crazy are the wonderful things she makes with her hands.

She is a real Papier Mâchè artist, I have a crush for her Marlin made with nautical charts.


marrojo19_funghihandmade_6Look at the gorgeous fish I took home with me last time we met!



She makes really pretty jewelry and wreaths. I am so lucky to have a headband she made, much like the golden one on the photo below.






marrojo19_funghihandmade_9You’ll find more on and at the shop Etsy Funghi Handmade.

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Two years ago, I spent the whole summer looking all around the web for inspiration because I wanted to build a little play house for my daughter. Play houses are the coolest thing in the world and I would have given anything for having one when I was a kid, so when I finally made one for my child, she loved it, but I loved it more!
After a lot of searching we decided to make a tipi for the garden. I want to write a tutorial on the tipi soon, but meanwhile I’ll show you some of the cutest ideas I found. Since I have got so many adorable huts, I’ll show them to you in two or three posts. (here is the second one) There are some so lovely that I wish I had four houses,  to fill them up with play houses. Now that I have my sewing machine, maybe I make a folding one for the living room, I’ll let you.

Today I’m leaving you some exterior play houses, for gardens or patios, shortly I’ll come with more economical examples, made of cardboard or fabric.

The wooden wagon can be purchased at this Dutch shop, where you have thousands of beautiful things. Take a look at the other play houses, the bunk beds and furniture, you’ll love them all.

Little play houses part 1.

The vintage caravan can not be cuter, this English girl has got in her garden. In her blog you can follow all the improvements she makes on it.

Little play houses part 1.

And this other roulotte has got me in love. Continue reading