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EXPRESS RECIPE: CELERIAC SOUP (2 ingredients, 20 minutes)

Mar Rojo 19-Celeriac soup -lettersThis cream has a delicate but very special flavor, so it’s good choice as a side dish to a meat or a roast. The creamy consistency is very much like mashed potatoes, you wouldn’t believe how low in calories it is! More good news, celeriac is also rich in calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C and fiber, so it’s all advantages!

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cockle -mackerel-rice-letters-8I’m starting with this post a section on the blog for express recipes, fast and with few ingredients. They are dedicated to those of you who, like me who want to make some spherifications for dinner, and when they head the pantry to get the  liquid nitrogen they find only four solitary cans, plus they realize that they just have ten minutes left to prepare dinner.

There goes the first one, super tasty rice, kind of a risotto style, if you are not very familiar with spanish rices, and although it simple and fast, it’s is my Mom’s recipe, and that’s a guarantee of deliciousness.
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