9 HAIRSTYLE TUTORIALS: How to survive to this Autumn’s Bad Hair Days

¿Do you remember the cute braided updos from last week?
Well here you have the promised hairstyles tutorials, for you to give a twist to your autumn locks.

Which one will you try? I already tried most of them!

1. EXTRA LONG PONY TAIL: via Free People Blog. It makes a huge difference! Try it, you’ll only take 3 seconds, and then, please tell me!
2. CUTE UPDO FOR SHOR HAIRED GIRLS. via The Beauty Department. And stay tuned, soon a post with more short hair inspiration.

marrojo19-short-hair-braid-bun-83. EXPRESS LOW BRAIDED BUN. Via She Steals.com Pefect for Bad Hair Days, just like the one I’m having today!

marrojo19-low-braided-bun-74. CUTE SIDE BUN, vía Yet Another Beauty Site.

marrojo19-easytwistedbun-55. LACEBRAIDED UPDO, also via Yet Another Beauty Site. I love this one, can’t wait to try it on my girl and take some pictures to show you here!

marrojo19-lacebraided-updo-46. BRAIDED CROWN. Similar to the ones I usually try myself. As soon as I have the courage, I’ll make a little tutorial myself, but for the moment, the girls at   A Beautiful Mess show us perfecty!

marrojo19-braided-crown-37. FOUR BRAID UPDO. Vía Loxa Beauty. Perfect for a wedding or for next Christmas!

marrojo19-four-braided-updo-8marrojo19-hair-updos-tutorials marrojo19-hair-updos-tutorial28. FISHTAIL CROWN, vía Circle and Hemisphere. Video tutorial where you can also just learn how to fishbraid.


marrojo19-hairstyles-dutch-braid-2So, are you trying any of them? Do you also have, as I do today, a Bad Hair Day?

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